Monday, May 5, 2008

Tax Season Over

Well, we made it through our first tax season as business owners in the same industry. It was a success! Now you ask, what is there next? Wrapping up the books and open 8 hours a week now. Providing some relief for my dear wife who does so much and looking for flexible temporary employment are my next two most important tasks. I'm working on a couple big business projects that could change a lot of things here soon. I will try to keep this posted with any updates. I will be heading to Virginia Beach, VA at the end of May for Liberty Tax's National Convention and then soon thereafter will be home with the 4 littlest ones for a week as Heather, Morisa and Kailee head to the woods for girl's camp. The summer holds a vacation to Utah and a business meeting in Vegas. For now, enjoying a little rest. I have been in the Bishopric now for a year. It is a wonderful place to serve, though I do miss teaching in the primary. Yep that is Jeff catching some sick air on a wake board. Heather was a wonderful driver that day.


Angel Mama said...

Hello Larsons! I found your blog through the Howells. It sounds like there have been tons of changes in your lives since you left California. Everyone looks great. We are still in Utah and loving it.
Angela Miller

cambridgeclan said...

Wow. Jeff and Heather you have been busy since you left CA. It was fun to find you through Angela. I hope that you are all doiong well.

The Hamm Bunch said...

I was excited to find your blog, not that you'll even see this comment since you haven't updated since MAY!!! Just kidding, sort of! :) Hopefully we will get an update soon!

Summer said...

Hey Larsons! How are you? You need to update this blog! Hey I have some questions for you Heather, I'm wondering if you can send me your email. sumbyjo @ hotmail. com