Monday, May 5, 2008

Tax Season Over

Well, we made it through our first tax season as business owners in the same industry. It was a success! Now you ask, what is there next? Wrapping up the books and open 8 hours a week now. Providing some relief for my dear wife who does so much and looking for flexible temporary employment are my next two most important tasks. I'm working on a couple big business projects that could change a lot of things here soon. I will try to keep this posted with any updates. I will be heading to Virginia Beach, VA at the end of May for Liberty Tax's National Convention and then soon thereafter will be home with the 4 littlest ones for a week as Heather, Morisa and Kailee head to the woods for girl's camp. The summer holds a vacation to Utah and a business meeting in Vegas. For now, enjoying a little rest. I have been in the Bishopric now for a year. It is a wonderful place to serve, though I do miss teaching in the primary. Yep that is Jeff catching some sick air on a wake board. Heather was a wonderful driver that day.

4 very tired boys in a box

Isn't it amazing how much fun and time can be spent with a box. I think the one in this picture came home from Costco or something. Recently our TV got replaced and the kids spent a good month with that huge box. Tunnels, slides, forts, who needs toys when you have a box... Oh to be young again. It all passes as if it were a dream.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

As far as blogs go we believe that all blogs aren't created equal and that we could use some help in creating really beautiful blog pages like Tamara and Tiffany, who seem to be professional blog page builders. How do you learn to do that? We look forward to continuing to see the wonderful stories and pictures! Thanks!
I guess you can talk about anything on a blog... I think "The Ultimate Gift" is a great movie. Check it out. I liked it better than "August Rush", which was pretty good itself. We love movies around here, though we very rarely visit the big screen. Netflix has worked well for us and has an incredible rating service that you can see the details on most movies.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

First time Blog? As Trevor might say " What the Heck!" is a blog...

Hi! The latest from Jeff, Heather, Morisa, Kailee, Trevor, Miranda, Jonathon, Travis in Pasco, WA. Jeff left his 3+ year service with Verizon Wireless and started a new business: Liberty Tax Service. Shortly thereafter two little indians have joined the family: Jonathon (2) and Travis (1). Ok I will try to get some pictures on here someday. The first time I payed any attention to the word blog was from a recent article on the LDS web site where Elder Ballard asks members to join in the great discussion going on in the world about our faith and he referred specifically to blogging. So here we are with our attempt at it.