Monday, May 5, 2008

Tax Season Over

Well, we made it through our first tax season as business owners in the same industry. It was a success! Now you ask, what is there next? Wrapping up the books and open 8 hours a week now. Providing some relief for my dear wife who does so much and looking for flexible temporary employment are my next two most important tasks. I'm working on a couple big business projects that could change a lot of things here soon. I will try to keep this posted with any updates. I will be heading to Virginia Beach, VA at the end of May for Liberty Tax's National Convention and then soon thereafter will be home with the 4 littlest ones for a week as Heather, Morisa and Kailee head to the woods for girl's camp. The summer holds a vacation to Utah and a business meeting in Vegas. For now, enjoying a little rest. I have been in the Bishopric now for a year. It is a wonderful place to serve, though I do miss teaching in the primary. Yep that is Jeff catching some sick air on a wake board. Heather was a wonderful driver that day.

4 very tired boys in a box

Isn't it amazing how much fun and time can be spent with a box. I think the one in this picture came home from Costco or something. Recently our TV got replaced and the kids spent a good month with that huge box. Tunnels, slides, forts, who needs toys when you have a box... Oh to be young again. It all passes as if it were a dream.